Thursday Doors: 11/8/16

The ancient settlement of Khor Rori in the Dhofar region of Southern Oman stands above a natural harbour on this wild and dangerous coast. The town in the settlement is known as Sumhuram. This small town was founded as an outpost for the kingdom of Hadramawt around the first century CE. The Dhofar region was the main exporter of Frankincense in ancient times and maritime contacts were discovered during the excavations in the 1900’s to both India and the Mediterranean. 

Information on Khor Rori thanks to Wikipedia

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6 comments on “Thursday Doors: 11/8/16

  1. Lovely door! But even more the views, that give me an idea about the country you live now! This is the first photo I’ve ever seen, camels drinking water at the water side! Awesome pics:)


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