Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare #3

A rare sight- A live Conus textile (Linnaeus, 1758) on the prowl, siphon extended.

Cone snails are one of the most venomous creatures on earth. Among the most toxic are the textile, geographic, and tulip snails and there is a higher risk of death if the geographic and textile snails are involved. All capture their prey by means of harpoon-like hollow teeth (radula) that are rapidly jabbed into their prey to inject the toxic venom. Attacks on humans usually occur when a cone snail is either stepped on in the ocean or picked up from the water or the beach.There are known human fatalities from this species.

Their geographical distribution is throughout the Indo-Pacific region, Australia, and the Indian Ocean from eastern Africa to Hawaii and French Polynesia.

The textile cone lives in the sand beneath coral and rocks in shallow waters. If you do come across one, admire quickly and walk away. Do not pick one up…..



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