Thursday Doors: 25/8/16

Come and walk with me around Mirbat, a fishing town on the South Oman, around 70km from Salalah . Last week we entered the old town, this week join me as we head on around the corner.

There are many old towns in Oman but in this one, I felt I was recording for posterity. Towns are abandoned and slowly fall to the ground, the history is gone. 

I hope that doesn’t happen here, it’s a real opportunity to see the heritage of a life lived in a remote Southern Omani town of historical importance, but it doesn’t look too hopeful, does it?

Funds are required to maintain any place in its original state and in this day and age, maybe some of the past isn’t so important when you have to maintain the infrastructure and progress in a country that is so vast.

Enjoy what I found….



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20 comments on “Thursday Doors: 25/8/16

  1. Thank you for sharing the doors of Oman. The mosque looks so out of place within the buildings of disrepair. That little town would be so cool if all of the buildings were updated and occupied. It’s too bad that history and these structures are lost due to lack of funds and ability.

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    • There seemed to be quite a community living in the old part, it is quite big and of course the more picturesque houses were the tumble down ones. New villas have sprung up all around the outskirts of Mirbat, so possibly some gov. funding there ….It will be interesting to see how long the old town lasts for…

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      • I’m glad of that. I know progress is progress, and those that live in uncomfortable but picturesque old houses often yearn for something new, and it is easy for others that do live comfortably to be critical, but it would be an awful loss if all of the old buildings were to go.


  2. I think Janet at Sustainabilitea said it best for me … ‘derelict beauty’. An interesting and beautiful collection of doors in spite of – or perhaps even because of – their disrepair.
    Between the doors within a door and the inscriptions in the door frames, these were certainly unique.
    I particularly liked the red door with the beautiful shuttered windows above it.

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  3. Wow, what an amazing collection. I can only echo what the others have said. Such a shame it’s falling into such a state of disrepair. The location seems incredible. Thanks for sharing these 🙂

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