Thursday Doors: 15/9/16

I featured an unusual window in the small Cypriot village of Emba in this Monday Window post. At the same house, the door is worthy of a post, which should have been last week’s offering for Thursday doors, but as I was felled by a nasty summer cold, my Thursday doors didn’t happen. 

Here’s the whole building, house, windows and doors. The photographs are edited ( thank you PicMonkey) as the day I went the shadows cast by the early morning sun made it difficult to see the detail.

The design of the house is typical of the Cypriot style from probably the 70’s or 80’s. I suspect it may have been designed for a well-to-do family at that time. The house is just away from the village centre and church, albeit it on the main road through the village.

It’s a fairly fanciful design for those times, the wrought-iron work is just so unusual and I hope it lasts. It doesn’t look promising, so at least I have made a record of this Emba house, part of my Cyprus view for many years.


Joining into Thursday Doors, pop on over and check out some more doors today…


21 comments on “Thursday Doors: 15/9/16

    • Thanks, Norm, it was fun doing the editing, the original was a diagonal line of dark and light and no detail… I tried several times to get shots at better times but there was always a car parked across the front!

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    • Thanks, Jaqueline, it’s been one of my favourite houses in this village since I moved to Cyprus, I lived in a village up the road and passed this house every day… I’ve seen the family that lived there and now I see it seems to be unoccupied and I wonder whether it will be bulldozed to build a new modern house, it’s a prime village location..who knows, I’m glad I caught it before it’s too late…


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