♫ Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes….Turn and face the strange…♫

It’s been an interesting four months.

Being made redundant in June, 7 months before my planned exit, threw some confusion into my life.

Once the panic of “Oh my god, how do I live ” died away, ( I did try to plan for this rainy day) the reality of looking for another Middle Eastern job, 6 months away from the birthday where they have the right to finish you anyway, made me loath to throw myself into the hunt, competing against sharp smarties half my age. 

It took 24 hours to feel just fine about dealing with this change.

Four months later, organising my life into its next phase, I look back and can’t believe I ever worked.

Such was the gift given to me early June.

It’s time to move on, sort my life out for the next stage and take a break from the 9-5.

A summer spent at home in Cyprus, taking care of four and half years of house and garden neglect, now back in Dubai to wait for payments owing and visa cancellation, a new focus on the shell collecting hobby, writing up the findings for future reference for the Arabian region, supported by local groups, more time to be spent in the field, exploring those corners of the big city in the sand which I’ve missed, extending some travel…yes, it’s all good so far.

I’m feeling fit and healthy, life is good, bring it on… ♫

24 comments on “♫ Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes….Turn and face the strange…♫

    • Thanks, Lindy, yes a blessing in disguise indeed. Once the panic went, the realisation came that I don’t need a lot, to spend time outside pacing my planet, a calming moment!


  1. I sort of fell in to early retirement – fortunately the OH landed a good contract so we didn’t starve – and have loved every minute of it so far. Work would have only got in the way of travelling and now that I have found a home with a garden and not so far from the coast I’m not so bothered about that any more. Time to put down roots, maybe. (It would make a change for me). As for you, I am excited for you and hope lots of opportunities come your way. Any plans so far? Or is it back to Cyprus for a while (there are surely worse places to live)?

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    • Thanks Jude, Cyprus is a lovely place to live but just for the immediate time, I’ll be to-ing and froing back to the Middle East. I’m writing a blog recording our seashell finds from this region as we have found new ones, new locations etc.etc. So it will be a reference for those interested and a record. Lots to do!

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    • Thanks for passing by, I’m trying to make the most of it , all good so far, first solo trip coming up in November…I’ve always wanted to go Hoi An and Hue, but the OH & I tend to head to beaches for shells so I’m going somewhere I want to go to, tickets booked and I’m off soon 🙂 I’m sure you will read about it here!

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    • Sadly I missed your comment Hester and I do apologize for not replying sooner. Several months on ( shame on me really for replying so late!) life is working out just fine. I’ve shed consumer needs, buckled down to what’s really necessary and what makes me happy, a lot of that is seeing and experiencing new places and I am doing budget quite happily 🙂


  2. I’m so happy I stumbled onto your blog! Your photos are stunning and your writing is wonderful! I am excited to follow you and learn more about the development of this new stage in your life!

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    • Thank you very much for your kind comment. Much appreciated and the travel has been amazing so far, opened my eyes to the different cultures, places and lives lived in the most different and sometimes challenging circumstances…

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