Thursday Doors: 22/9/16

Last week I was back in Oman and spent some time in Muscat. Hot and humid at this time of year, packed into space amidst foothills of the surrounding mountains, nevertheless, the city has great charm. 


In the Qurm beach area, white villas with high walls, tree-lined avenues and beautifully designed mosques lead to a glorious beach, heading north towards As Seeb, a fishing town several kilometres north-east of the city.



I came across these rather amazing doors and gates at the entrance to one particularly grand villa.



Taking part in Thursday Doors, pop on over and check out some more doors this week…..



30 comments on “Thursday Doors: 22/9/16

    • Thanks for commenting PB, in answer to your question it is called al Fahal island,

      “Al Fahal Island (Shark Island) is situated around 4km from the mainland and has an area of just 2.24 km2. It is composed mostly of around 55 to 35 million year old Eocene limestone and marl.

      This limestone was originally part of the sea floor. It is made up from the shells of marine organisms such as bivalve shellfish, coral and algae, deposited in a shallow marine environment.

      The island outcrop is now exposed on the surface due to uplift and change in sea levels.”


    • Thanks, Becky, it is a massive villa and I took the photos from the car so couldn’t get the enormity of it in a single shot. It looked like they opened into a courtyard at the front of the house… All those 3 doors/gates were along the front wall with lots of wall in between… it’s a large plot!

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    • Thanks, Joey, this region has some great opportunities for photos. I tend to focus on the old, but the new are also worthy of posts too ( building up a library!). The light, the heat, the ambience of the region makes for some evocative moments…

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  1. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, like that around here!!

    I love the photo of the blue tower on the mosque with the mountains in the background and the lights with the gold trim on the left edging. Nice!


    • Thanks for commenting, I am amassing rather a collection of beautiful mosque photographs. Oman seem to favour colour on the minaret and cupola roof whereas UAE mainly have carved white/cream stone ones. Both have their own attraction!

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    • Thanks, Jean, it was a grand place. I have just this week spotted one to top it off in Dubai, it requires a very early photograph session as it’s on a busy road ! Hopefully soon to appear in Thursday doors!

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