Monday Window: 25/9/16

This week it’s spot the window!

Close by my Cyprus home is the village of Lemba, home to the unique Cyprus College of Art.

The founder, Stass Paraskos , a prominent Cypriot artist, together with fellow artists and students decorated the boundary of the college with many avant-garde works, creating a sculpture wall over 25 years. 

It’s weird, wacky and completely unexpected if you happen to take a drive past, such fun to see and it makes me want to return to my art roots!

Enjoy this little bit of funkiness in a totally unexpected place and there’s a “window” in every picture except the last,it’s just up to you to find it!

Taking part in Monday Window…click the link below to see some more windows this week….


5 comments on “Monday Window: 25/9/16

    • Great idea, I have a similar plan for the beach objet d’art collection found on my long walks around these coasts! I hope I can turn the plan into reality!!


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