Garden Challenge September: Flower Portrait

For her September Garden Challenge, Jude, at “the earth laughs in flowers” asks us to ” showcase a flower that you are particularly fond of or one that is unusual” 

It’s difficult to choose a favorite flower, but my yellow hibiscus produced one glorious bloom whilst I was home in Cyprus, so this had to be my photo for the September challenge….the header photo of a purple tradescantia seemed to complement the colour scheme of the post!

6 comments on “Garden Challenge September: Flower Portrait

    • Hmm, I don’t often see them as I’m not often in Cyprus yet, but the flowers do always look like that…However tell me what you are seeing that makes you think a dose of something to perk them up is needed….

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      • It is the dark veins in the leaves which are otherwise more yellow green. I would expect a hibiscus’ leaves to be solid green. It may be the variety you have – ask a local nurseryman, would be my advice.

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