Thursday Doors: 28/9/16


Back in Oman, heading down through the vast and empty wastes of the centre towards Ras Madrakah, where the Gulf of Oman turns into the Southern Oman coastline, occasionally you come across a place that makes you wonder why it exists? What made it be given a name? Why is it there? 

Such a place is Mrata.

On the way down, you travel along a road for around one hour in such desolate wasteland, it’s hard to understand why there is a road there, but then you come across signs to oil and gas camps, lifeblood in this region and you understand the investment in natural resources is creating the network, the gain and the work to keep it clear of the encroaching dunes, blowing daily across the lifeline road.

Stopping at one point, to try to find a site of wind-polished, crinoid fossil plates, the view south is across what is known as “The Mother of all sabkhas” a vast salt flat plain which is inadvisable to cross without support. It was good to catch a huge truck on the road to give scale in this vastness…

Two hours south, the Mrata sign appeared. Having flashed past it on more than a few occasions, it really was time to bump down the track and see what makes Mrata tick…

Some sort of water pumping building maybe?…

But, getting close up, sadly unable to read the Arabic, so I’ll never know until some kind soul translates, the doors for this small square of building were really quite cute…

There are three constructions in Mrata. I have introduced you to the first, the second is a water tank and pump, which I can’t resist adding, as the construction is so stark against the landscape…

and the third is the Mosque, a stop off for prayer on the long and lonely road…

And at the Mosque entrance, some lovely traditional doors, kind of old and rusting, but so typical of Oman.

Some fairly impressive rocks behind Mrata…

A view across the Mrata plain..and that is Mrata for you. 3 buildings and 2 sets of doors.

Just so you know where I was heading to through all of this wasteland, here is my destination. So, so beautiful….


Taking part in Norm’s Thursday Doors feature. pop on over and check out some more doors this week…

8 comments on “Thursday Doors: 28/9/16

    • Hi wycmum, thanks for taking the time to let me know my thoughts were close.I’m travelling around this region a lot and hesitate sometimes to post pictures I have taken in case I get it badly wrong and I have no wish to offend anyone..sadly I’m not a linguist, much to my regret, it would make life much easier if I was… I have a feeling I have language dyslexia !! Appreciate your input hugely…

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      • Hahahahaha! No worries. I used to live in Dubai and only came back to the UK in February. I did see some random things in the desert too 😉 keep posting and enjoy your travels. Send any translations my way 🙂


    • Badfish, the coffee you get in petrol stations in Oman or the local coffee shop spike the sugar out of Starbucks! One local coffee and you can drive for 1000 kms! Its 90% sugar and condensed milk and a healthy double dose of unidentifiable coffee… In Uae petrol station convenience shops they now have tea machines.. chai with saffron, cardamon,turmeric,ginger,anything.. every which way, milk, no milk, sugar, no sugar…all out of a machine..yet to try it actually, I’m still heading towards the coffee sugar spike to keep me awake for the drive!

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