Monday Window: 3/10/16


Dubai creek can be crossed by using the “Abra” service. The cost is 1 dirham, (27 cents). A 10-minute ride to cross the creek and so much to look at. 

Waiting for the Abra to set off

Abra out on the water, best not to stand up once you’re onboard….

Modern windows in the waterfront buildings….

Old windows on the far side, nice aren’t they?

This house is all window and lattice work…

Waterfront shop window, I did go in, an Aladdin’s cave….

At the Abra station, windows everywhere…

The Customs window, in keeping with the surrounds…

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7 comments on “Monday Window: 3/10/16

  1. VERY cool post. And funny…I went to Dubai a couple years ago, took photos but never wrote the post. BUT…I took a photo of that same shop labeled “waterfront shop window” and a closeup of the mannequin there in the kandura and red checkered ghutra! I know exactly where that is!

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