Thursday doors : 6/10/16…

I’m walking down the street after visiting Muttrah Souk in Muscat, it’s hot and humid. Let me get to the car and air conditioning pronto, I don’t do humid very well, and then I see a door…woah…stop….can you see it? 

This door is for sale…hyperventilate moment…stop, no way it can fit in the car, I’m not actually lacking any doors, but, backtrack to see what I can’t buy…

Ahh, isn’t this just a fabulous door….Lucky it was mid-day and the shop was closed, or else I would be coming home with this door…

Walking back up the street, pondering the door I can’t have. Oh look, some really nice windows!


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6 comments on “Thursday doors : 6/10/16…

  1. Wow, I don’t think anyone has done a door post about actually buying a door before, so wait!!! You have to go back!!! 😀
    It is lovely but I’m not sure how difficult it might be to try to incorporate it into a home somehow. I would be curious to know how much they want for it though, so if you ever do go back…hint hint.


    • Thanks, Norm, it would have made a good post with the (my) door loaded on the roof-rack! I will be back in Muscat over the winter and as I keep arriving in the Souk area when the Souk is closed, a return to the door shop is inevitable. If it’s still for sale, a price will be obtained!

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