Thursday Doors: 20/10/16

Last week I posted some older-style traditional Emirati doors from Dibba on the UAE’s East coast for Thursday Doors.

This week, here’s some modern ones from the same area on UAE’s East coast. 

A mixture of doors and gates as modern properties are mostly walled and gated, so it’s rare to see the actual door into the house.

The more I explore and snap for this challenge, the more I am learning about local culture, traditions, and styles.

Doors have great significance in Arab history. Traditional Arabic doors from the region are unique pieces of local heritage dating back 500 years. As well as being functional, they are one of the most important forms of decorative expression to be found in the region’s forts and houses.

The amount and quality of the carving depend on the price of the door and therefore the status of the household and culture.

Moving forward into this decade, the door tradition seems to continue.

Dibba’s roundabouts are maritime-themed….

Heading for what I call pink cowrie beach…

You pass through a new housing area. Every house has their individual style of doors and gates…










Trying to find the way back to the road, bumping through an older part of town, some traditional gates…

And look, there’s one door left under the tree, just for me!

Past Shark roundabout…

Ah, destination correct. Last beach of the day…

Time to head back home past Pot roundabout…

Sunset, but another 2 hours back to Dubai…

Linking with Thursday Doors, a weekly challenge hosted by Norm Frampton. Pop over to look at this week’s doors or even join in…

12 comments on “Thursday Doors: 20/10/16

    • Ahh Norm, it’s the East Coast, UAE . A more rural and traditional area than the West coast…I had hoped to feature some Dubai doors this week, but I ended up with a cracked windscreen and my car in the car- hospital! Hopefully, next week you will see the difference from East to West! It’s vast!!

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