Monday Window: 24/10/16

High rise buildings in Dubai can go up to 163 floors ( Think Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world, until the next one is built, probably in Dubai) but mainly tend to be around 40 stories. 

The Burj Khalifa, towering above its neighbors….

Windows or the modern design equivalent are needed to bring in natural light.

This building is next to mine. It’s 46 floors high and home to a telecom company on the lower floors and a hotel on the higher floors.

The building design, overlooking Sheik Zayed road and the metro…

 Through my small window opening it looks like this in the day, with views of Dubai marina and the Palm Jumeirah development…

My first action now the heat is decreasing is to open the window to let some fresh air inside before the sun sneaks around and makes it impossible.

It’s always an interesting reflection on the windows next door…

I usually cast a little glance either way through my limited opening window.

I saw some people had started work next door outside.

The window cleaners.

Not too many people abseil for their working day…





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10 comments on “Monday Window: 24/10/16

    • Thanks, Ludwig, yes some great views. My windows can’t be used for shots at the moment as cleaning is long overdue and desert gunge has filmed them over… I can only go sideways and I couldn’t resist this for Monday windows but I’m not sure I approve of the working conditions… ho-hum!

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    • Thanks for passing by TM, I had to go drink strong dark coffee after taking the shots. I had to lean far out of my anti-suicide window to get those, I cannot imagine going to work to do that daily. Blessings for their daily work….

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