Thursday Doors: 24/11/16

Huế’,Vietnam, November 2016.

Huế’s Imperial city is surrounded by a moat and thick walls. Building started in 1804 in the reign of Emperor Gia Long. Until the demise of the Emperors in the mid-1900’s, more moats and building were added. During the Vietnam war, due to Huế’s religious and cultural status, US troops were ordered not to bomb or shell the city, for fear of destroying the historic structures. 

But, as the Tet offensive escalated, restrictions were slowly lifted with street to street fighting ensuing. The end result was that the Imperial city suffered extensive damage. Out of 160 sites, only 10 remain .

In 1993 the site was made a Unesco World Heritage site and repair and renovations continue to this day.

My visit coincided with a morning of thunderstorms, so a taxi ride was necessary to get myself across the Perfume river and to the entrance. As I entered the site the rain stopped. Poor light, clouds and a miserable overcast day but a place to spend several hours soaking up (literally) the atmosphere of Imperial Vietnam.

The elegance of the buildings and tranquility of the gardens, moats and lakes allowed for some quiet reflections on the beauty of my surroundings.

Come and stroll around slowly with me, let’s find some doors and possibly a few other beautiful things in this haven of Vietnam’s imperial past…


Linking with Thursday Doors, hosted by Norm Frampton. Pop over and check out some more door posts for today….

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