Garden Challenge: November, Woodland.

This month’s challenge from Jude is “During November I want to see trees or leaves or anything found in a woodland environment”.

There are no woods in the United Arab Emirates, but luckily I had a trip to Central Vietnam during this month. 

It was lovely to walk through wooded parkland admiring tall, leafy green trees, finding fungi, reveling in the greenery and soaking up the tranquility of it all. No jungle for me this time, just ancient ruins and lakes surrounded by trees.

Such a refreshing change from desert lands….

Taking part in Jude’s Monthly Garden Challenge: November, Woodland.

7 comments on “Garden Challenge: November, Woodland.

    • Thanks, Jude, Vietnam was, as always, wonderful. I did historical places this time as I was alone, my past visits with the OH always take us down beaches, towards shells. I really loved this trip, there is more for me to see!

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    • Thanks, Sue. It was my third trip to Vietnam, this time alone doing history & culture. What a fantastic place to go alone to. The Viets are so kind, the culture and history awesome and the experiences never to be forgotten….and, err I do have an awful lot of photos still to edit!


    • Thank you for commenting. It’s so uplifting to visit green lands when you live in a desert environment, it makes you love to visit a place that suffers rain & dampness and that pervading smell of a forest is so acute, when you are just a visitor… a lovely time!

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