On the road to Oman again…

So, it’s another day tomorrow, another week, another chance to travel.

Back to my favorite country in the morning, Oman and driving down to the furthest place you can sensibly go to, Dhalkut, Dhofar Governorate, Oman. 

Then working back up the long coastline, eventually to Shannah port and finally heading home to Dubai across the vast deserts, gravel plains and sabkhas ( salt plains) of Oman.

It runs into thousands of kilometers for  a round trip and needs to be planned carefully in advance. There are few hotels in this vast space, camping has to be part of it.


The fridge is full of BBQ food ready to go, cold drinks; the car is packed with the tents, chairs, BBQ etc. The jackets are in just in case it could be cold, yeah, we are ready to go there, again…

Suspect I may be out of Wifi for my regular postings , but I’ll be catching up when I can … have a good week everyone!

8 comments on “On the road to Oman again…

  1. Crazy – I was just reading an article about Sharjah and Musandam in the New York Times and was going to check if you had visited those places, since I will be in Oman in January! I look forward to following your road trip from afar!

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    • Oh wonderful! I’m very familiar with Oman if you need any hints on places to visit,please don’t hesitate to ask. Musendam is the Omani enclave on Hormuz,I have been several times,it has beautiful fjords amidst mountainous terrain but is a long way from Muscat. There is a ferry and airport but Musandam is easiest to visit from the UAE.Sharjah is the next emirate to Dubai,not glitzy,strict emirate,a lot of Dubai’s workforce live there as it’s cheaper so traffic is horrendous but it has good museums and environmental parks.

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      • Hi TM, yes it is, with a very early start. There are plenty of coach trips on offer from Dubai. The thing to do once there is to take a dhow trip into the fjords, they run 1/2 or full day trips,it’s very beautiful. If you are self-driving you can also go up the Jebel within Mussandam, the road is poor with hideous drops so you won’t get that on other trips I think and you have to come out the same way.The road leads on to Dibba but it’s only allowed for GCC nationals to cross the border at Dibba.To go from Dubai to Musandam is via the border north of Ras al Khaimah and it involves crossing through the 2 borders, UAE then Oman, hence the early start needed. If you are self-driving, car insurance for Oman is required.It’s best to do it mid-week, winter weekends are the time when the sights here get busy.If you want to ask me anything about this region or have me offer suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email me. My email is vicky2@cytanet.com.cy. I would be more than happy to respond!


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