Thursday Doors: 8/12/16

Hoi An in Central Vietnam is an utterly fascinating town.  A Unesco world heritage site, it is now a major tourist attraction. The streets of the Old Town are closed to vehicles, only bicycles and cyclos can pass down the twisting cobbled streets. Old houses line the streets and waterfront, with temples interspersed every so often. Narrow alleyways, street sellers, a bustling market make for an irresistible atmosphere.

Some doors from shops, homes, temples and alleyways from my forays around Hoi An…..

After photographing all these doors, I needed a snack. This lovely street seller who produced such a coy look for my shot fed me on spicy chicken and banana fritters…yum!

Linking with Thursday Doors, hosted by Norm Frampton. Pop on over, take a look at some more world doors or even take part….

14 comments on “Thursday Doors: 8/12/16

  1. A wonderful yet unique variety of doors in this collection. If I didn’t know where these were taken, just from all the openings in many of these doors to allow air to circulate, I’d guess that it must be very hot and humid there most of the time.
    Nice post 🙂

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