Thursday Doors: 22/12/16

Travelling in Oman in September this year, on the road from Mahout to Sur, you pass along a sleepy coastline.

Fishing and camel and goat farms seem to be the livelihood in this region. Hemmed in by the vast Wahiba sands to the West and the Indian Ocean to the East, travels along this coastal road are rather like being in the land time nearly forgot. 

And of course, when you occasionally pass through one of the few, small towns along this route, it’s an ideal location for finding doors and gates with character.

I just love the old, traditional, carved, double entry doors with a small entry door inset within. The designs and carvings are unique and each one is always worth a photograph. As you can imagine, it takes a while to work through the few towns we pass through as I can always spot a street we just have to go down.

Just a few from the September trip….

For anyone who has read my About page and knows my base has been in Dubai and wonders why Oman features so much in my posts, I have taken every opportunity to travel over to this beautiful country. The seashell collecting is the reason, but during our trips, I have grown to love this vast, incredible country with its amazing geology, harsh interior, the history, nature and the people. I feel blessed to have experienced and discovered Oman and I hope I can continue to exhaust the phenomenal sights and experiences for a few more years.

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19 comments on “Thursday Doors: 22/12/16

  1. They really love ornate doors! My favourite is the green one with the star cutouts in the wall. The ‘pies’ in each of the door sections is relatively simple compared to many of the others, but the star cutouts push this one into the lead 🙂


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