Monday Window: 27/12/16…

I’m celebrating the Christmas holidays in my Cyprus home this year and as Christmas 2016 passes and the New Year bringing 2017 into our lives is not far away, sad news today to hear of one my favorite singer’s untimely death, the iconic George Michael. His Greek Cypriot roots allowed this small island to claim some affiliation with this talented singer/songwriter. RIP, George.

Today’s Monday Window post is from the small village of Armou (Greek: (η) Άρμου). 

Armou is situated in the hills 6 kilometers above Paphos. A small, sleepy and traditional Cypriot village, the church of Agia Varvara is situated on an outcrop just below the village, which climbs steeply uphill, with some stunning views back towards the coast.

I am unable to find much history of the church and, as I am now finding on my visits to my Cyprus home, churches are now locked, possibly a reflection of our times.

The blue metal work of the window screens tone with the brilliant blue skies of December on my lovely island. There is one surprise window-not-a-window above the beautifully worked mosaic icon on one wall of the church. The church doors are rather splendid too.

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