Thursday Doors: 4/1/17

Just one unusual door from the old town, Paphos, Cyprus this week.

I need new doors for my house here, so I’m starting a project to have some traditional Cypriot doors copied for a porch extension.

This involves hunting down examples and I haven’t managed to get too far with it yet.

Watch this space for next week, I would love some comments from Thursday Door lovers please, once I start my project.

During a quick recce in the old town, I came across this ironwork door, probably from the 1950’s. It’s nice to see it has been kept so well. Often they are in disrepair. I will not be looking at this style for my house, so it’s a little door post of its own for this week as it’s rather cute.



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14 comments on “Thursday Doors: 4/1/17

  1. It is truly unique and quite the “art” door!
    I am. Not sure I would want it either – but did make s great stand alone post!
    I wonder what folks thought when it was new and hot off the production line (or custom shop) – did folks walk by and admire it – and do folks now walk by and just s think – old and just there and nice…. and then some take a photo for an international door share – like you –

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    • Thanks, Norm, it was a nice find but not for my house. I’m in an old traditional village property so I’m-a-hunting now, Thursday Doors maybe my sounding ground once I gather some samples… a new slant on the weekly door posts… please help me choose my dream door, all our door lovers!!!

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