Thursday Doors 19/1/17….

When you were gifted with the name Victoria by your parents and you pop into London, the one place that you have to go to is the magnificent Victoria and Albert museum in South Kensington.

Apart from the wonderful treasures that the museum holds and the exhibitions that are regularly featured, it also hosts stunning architecture and features, not least, some truly unique doors.

A few small examples from today’s visit…

A few items in the Museum’s eclectic collection that caught my eye…

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11 comments on “Thursday Doors 19/1/17….

    • Yes, a quick visit.The V&A experience was today, London’s treasures are overwhelming, off to Oxford tomorrow, watch this door space 🙂 Thanks for commenting, much appreciated, England is indeed rich beyond belief in its historical treasures, I love coming back home now I want to look, see, understand and enjoy it all….


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