Thursday Doors, 2/2/17…

On my January UK trip, I made time to visit Oxford and its dreaming spires, for a flying visit.

What an incredible place. I visited many years ago but didn’t respect the architecture then. I was far too young and foolish to appreciate this beautiful town.

This time, in the harsh winter sun, much older and far more appreciative of UK’s heritage, I sucked it all up, awed by the history and traditions.

The town made me feel as if I was heading towards an Oxford first class honors degree by just strolling around this beautiful place, and I found more than a few lovely doors, worthy of a Thursday doors post. No captions this time, I just had a short passing-through visit, capturing the essence of Oxford doors in the harsh UK winter light, with luckily, no rain.

What a unique town with such incredible architecture. It should be on the bucket list if you do visit UK…

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21 comments on “Thursday Doors, 2/2/17…

  1. Whenever I see buildings like this, I think of the men who built them–how their muscles must have ached at night, their calves quivered with the weight of the bricks and stones as they carried them up the scaffolding. I think of the hands that carved the doors and ornamental pieces and wonder if their knuckles grew thick with arthritis. Did they share the work with their women–wives and daughters? Or only their sons? Did they sing around the fire when they went home at night? Thank you so much for sharing these photographs. I almost sneezed with the mold!

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    • Hah! you do make me laugh with your pertinent views, and… yes, I do spend time wondering about similar worker aches and pains, I wonder how on earth these beautiful architectural constructions were achieved in those manual years and I look at our equivs in this day and age and think no wonder modern architecture is so bland…I like to question it all, I have come to the conclusion the ancestors worked very hard!The mould probably added to an early death…

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