Monday Window 6/2/17…

A January trip to Uk took me via Oxford for a little break from the drive west to Bristol, my daughters home.

Last Thursday I featured some of the historic doors in Oxford for my contribution to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors weekly event, but I couldn’t move on from Oxford without adding the windows I found.

Oxford is a mix of elegance and history and is known worldwide for its university and academia.

Wandering through the streets on one of those glorious British winter days where the sun, so low, but so bright that it highlights the yellow brick of the colleges with a glorious golden backlight, you think back to those latter school days and the all important and dreaded “A” levels and wonder ‘What if …”

Oxford contains examples of every major architectural style in England from the Saxons to the present day.

The walk from Oxford’s High Street, down Queen’s Lane, through New College Lane, emerging under the Bridge of Sighs: in doing that, you’ll have walked from neoclassical architecture, along a medieval passageway, under an Edwardian bridge to emerge in front of another neoclassical building, the Sheldonian. You’ll have experienced 600 years of architectural history, all in perfect harmony.

Having done the walk, in my opinion, it’s all about the windows that complement the facades. Left, right, centre and off centre, the designs of the buildings feature windows that highlight the construction and give light to the inhabitants and they are magnificent examples of hundreds of years of architecture in this city. They form the face of the visual effect. The doors, whilst magnificent, are the entry, the windows are the art in the architecture that complement the buildings…

Some Oxford windows and streets from my short visit winding down to the Bridge of Sighs, Oxford style.


3 comments on “Monday Window 6/2/17…

  1. Wonderful, first to last! If there is reincarnation, I want to be reincarnated as a wealthy young man when Oxford was first established and go to Oxford and then grow up to be a don. Then I want to be reincarnated as another wealthy young man and do it again, all through Oxford’s history. I’ll switch to being a wealthy young woman, once women are admitted. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, to be a part of all that beauty and history?

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