Thursday Doors: Raj Bhavan, Pune, 16/2/17

Last weekend I ended up in Pune, India.

My very first trip to India, sadly only for three days and I now wonder why I hadn’t taken the India plunge far earlier. It’s easier now, with the advent of the Indian e-visa, but travel in India certainly needs some patience.

So, not to a miss a moment, I booked a day tour through the history of Pune and two walking trips in the city.

The first visit on the day tour was to Raj Bhavan (Government House – Pune). These were the government houses during the British Raj era in India. It was the monsoon resort of the Governor of Bombay and was built in 1866. The building was impressively designed by James Trubshawe and is situated in Ganeshkhind, Pune. Pune university, also known as the “Oxford of the East” surrounds the house and grounds.

An impressive building with some wonderful doors and interesting little asides, such as quirky gargoyles Indian style, a tea party on the lawn with women in colorful sarees and a little chipmunk following us around….

For some Pune streets and windows check out this link

Linking with Thursday Doors, hosted by Norm Frampton. Pop on over and check out some more doors.

23 comments on “Thursday Doors: Raj Bhavan, Pune, 16/2/17

  1. I think the second gargoyle is a camel, not a snake, Vicky. Nice to see some solid architecture from the British Raj. The doors are great, but what a shame that the wood stain/paint has been sloppily applied to the penultimate door.

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    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post. I just loved India, so much colour, so much life and the history and religion, fascinating…I will return, planning Jaipur for the next visit.


  2. RANGOLIs are fascinating!
    They are known by different names in different states.

    Considered to be auspicious and lucky, there prominence increase during festivals.
    The colorful patterns seem to be changing with times.
    Don’t be surprised if you happen to come across a Doraemon rangoli!


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