Thursday Doors: Pune, India, streetside, 23/2/17…

Walking around the city streets of Pune, so many interesting doors to frame in my shots.

Streetside catches with some cheerful people happy to smile for my camera.

Much disrepair surrounding the streets, the buildings a throwback from the much earlier days of the city construction, but colorful, chaotic and teeming with life.

Taking part in the Thursday Doors  weekly challenge, hosted by Norm Frampton. Pop on over, click on the blue button and check out some doors worldwide this week…

26 comments on “Thursday Doors: Pune, India, streetside, 23/2/17…

  1. Great Indian Portals, Batman! It is nice to see some more postings from India. Do you think that they are much different to the doors I have been posting here for the past three months or so? I love the little touches, the man in a wheelchair, the string of charms to keep away Lakshmi’s evil sister, the goat, the handprints.

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    • Ian, you are the India Door Batman, I slipped in as a bit of a Robin, but maxed the 3 days to the full, you can’t not in India, so much to see. God, I loved it. I will be back, you have time for your doors, it’s your home, you always show such beautiful shots. I shot on the fly, but the faded elegance and disrepair is probably the same all over. India eats into your heart, you know it may throw up all sorts of sights you would rather not see, but it’s so appealing. I loved it, I will be back, I’m old enough to cope with those sights and accept it all as a part of life….Thank you for telling me the charms were to keep away Lakshmi’s evil sister, I didn’t get that detail on my walk…. It’s nice to have that small detail as a memory…

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    • Thanks Joey for making time to comment, much appreciated. There were so many wonderful doors, it was hard to carry on walking down the street, my guide was incredibly patient! I like the white ones best, hideous to clean though, there is a lot of grime!

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  2. Lovely. You nicely captured the personality of the place with the people, the goat, and the patina of the doors and buildings. I still see beauty in the fading colors and disrepair. My favorite photo is the last one too, with the smiling face and vibrant flowers.

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