Monday Window: View from a Dubai window 27/2/17…

I have been lucky to have had a window with spectacular views whilst in Dubai. Sadly it isn’t often pristine and there’s not much I can do about that being very high up in the sky. Few shots are taken directly outwards, reflection and sand streaks stop you getting a good photo.

So I often take photos through the little gap to the left and the right. The window opens outwards at an angle for 8 inches. That’s enough to get my lens through to get shots of whatever may be interesting. I will say I do have the camera strap securely around my neck whilst leaning out, I would not want to have any dropping accidents from this height!

Some window shots over the last year…

7 comments on “Monday Window: View from a Dubai window 27/2/17…

  1. So very different from the shots I took from my company’s office on the 33rd floor of the World Trade Centre (the highest occupied floor) in the early 1980s! It was the tallest building in the Emirate at the time – by a long way.

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    • Thanks, Keith, I expect at that time your view was of the desert, some small houses and you could probably see a long way. Funnily enough, I was passing WTC yesterday and commented that WTC now looks like old-fashioned architecture amidst the curving, bending buildings that WTC is now surrounded by. I hope they were happy days for you!

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