Monday Window: On a beach in Oman, 6/3/17…

You don’t expect to find a window on a lonely beach, but in Oman, there is always the unexpected sight.

A derelict mosque sits on a sand dune above the beach, the elements are sweeping it away, storm by storm.

Taken on the long beach north of Al Ashkharah, Google maps GPS 21.941609, 59.648001.

Al Ashkharah (Arabic: الأشخرة‎‎) (named after a poisonous desert plant) is a town in the Ash Sharqiyah Region of Oman.

7 comments on “Monday Window: On a beach in Oman, 6/3/17…

    • Thank you, Marian. I am sure there are stories, why was it built there is one of them, it’s miles from anywhere, maybe the cove was more used by fishermen in past days, I’ll never know, sadly….


  1. Those birds! Such clarity with a flock of moving creatures. Striking image. As for the ruin, I’m curious. Did it fall victim to shelling as well as the elements? Or did the sea and wind take it down, grain by grain and brick by brick? Knowing almost nothing about Islam, I’m curious too as to why they would build a mosque on a beach, where it is subject to storms and flooding. Surely there was a profound reason to invest in something so unstable?


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