Thursday Doors, Qurun, Oman, 9/3/17…

The small village of Qurun on Oman’s east coast, lies just below Al Ashkharah, which is a town in the Ash Sharqiyah region.

Qurun is a sleepy little settlement on the edge of a salt flat area, and the bay beyond is where the local fishermen bring in their catch. If we head up this coastal road on visits to Oman, we always have a quick stop at Qurun. The beach often turns up some shell surprises and it’s a lovely place to take a break and stretch your legs walking down its long shoreline. 

This time I noticed some lovely traditional doors into the house compounds, some old, some new.

Linking with Thursday Doors, hosted by Norm Frampton.

9 comments on “Thursday Doors, Qurun, Oman, 9/3/17…

  1. What wonderful doors! Having grown up in the city, the idea of a door into an open space has always tickled me. I love the privacy of the house compounds. Beautiful doors would just make it all that much better! Your shell photos are amazing! Do you know what made those marks in the sand?

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    • Thank you, Marian. the doors in Oman continue to fascinate me. I love the little entry door within the main doors. Apparently, this was to make it more awkward for robbers or invaders to breach the doors. It is difficult to storm a small door and all over Oman, these little entry doors exist within these beautifully carved doors. The house compounds are indeed for privacy, but mainly for women and children. The sand prints are from a cormorant…

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    • Thank you, Janet. They are lovely doors, aren’t they! Every time I go over to Oman I have a little dream of having some made, shipping them over to my home in Cyprus to close in an open area which currently has hideous iron gates, but then I have to be sensible, think of the cost and just look at my Oman door pictures instead 😦 ….


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