When you wake up to a fried computer….

This little aside is to apologise for those who have liked and commented on my recent posts and are possibly now thinking, well, hmm, why there has been no response when I took the time to make a nice comment….

I do try to interact with people who have been kind enough to comment, but sadly, one morning this week, my left (hand) Macbook Air fried and died.

It’s in intensive care now, hopefully it’s a caring and successful Mac hospital and I’m praying it’s not a terminal condition. Thanks to the wonderful clouds somewhere up there in the big sky, I can retrieve most data, but it’s really not the same without my left hand Mac extension, the one that has MY paw-prints wearing out the alphabet keys.

WordPress on a phone is really hard work, all those flipping auto-corrects which turn your thoughts into incomprehensible, illiterate and possibly insulting drivel, if you don’t read before you send and tapping doesn’t seem to be the same as typing. I can’t quite get the right thought process by tapping, having said that, my second phone is an ancient Nokia, on which texting is even worse than tapping, so there would be no hope there, if it had an internet option!

Luckily I have been given permission to use my son’s computer, when it’s free from university use,  with a tacit understanding between us both that I will not delve into his hard drive. I don’t actually want to, even though I could. Sights unseen stand us both in good stead for our future relationship.

I’m off travelling next week, praying that my left hand is repaired. I expect you have guessed by now that I’m one of those left-handers!

So, if you are kind enough to like and comment on anything I do manage to post (rest assured it will be a very simple post at present) and don’t get a response, it means I’m still in a Mac-less world, subject to my child’s generosity. Hmm, it’s very strange to be computer-less, it really has become my right, oops, left hand!

3 comments on “When you wake up to a fried computer….

    • Uh-huh, it’s like it’s fused to the typing hand and gosh, have I missed it this week! But, I have survived, there are NO weeds in my garden now and I did actually do some serious throw away stuff at home…, maybe I do need to reallocate time when rehab is over!


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