I’m so not political, but I do love feisty input into the upside down mix of the world today….

Last year I decided to follow a very angsty, amusing and opinionated lady from the USA, latching on to her blog via the WordPress reader and ended up being highly amused by her life and wit, I followed Lydia’s life on my WordPress journey.

And I enjoyed every post I came across.

Now, I enjoy Lydia even more since America voted itself into Trump’s world… Lydia analyses the new presidency from her point of view, (which so matches with my head thoughts about what I’m seeing, Trump-wise), but she CAN say it, I’m a foreign interloper, so I don’t feel I’m entitled to make any pertinent and critical comments, even though I’m bursting to, but, I’m not in the US situ so I don’t feel it’s my place to offer criticism as a random expat.

Lets see where Lydia takes us, at the very least, we can smile at her insights, be concerned and be thinking how to support her invaluable highlights on political details that seem to be insidiously creeping into daily USA life.

If you wonder how the people in the USA who didn’t vote for the Trump extravaganza are accepting the new administration, let’s log on to Lydia for some astute insights…

Take her from here , she is so worth a read or 10… A lot from lydia



4 comments on “I’m so not political, but I do love feisty input into the upside down mix of the world today….

  1. I’m not American, but whoever is President does have a huge impact on all of us (especially when he sees fit to tell us how to govern ourselves,) so I think we certainly have a right to have our say in return.

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    • Yeah, I hear what you are saying Manja, my focus in blogging is really on learning, seeing and understanding about other places, but I will read anything that catches my eye and my thought process. I don’t want to stride into politics during blogging, it’s time out from the bigger issues. I agree my post had a wimp-out, excusing myself from standing up to be counted, a very English pre-empt for anything controversial… disgrace as a description works, you are right, Trump is a disgrace… there, I broke my bounds and said it! I’m sure Lydia will have a lot to say over the next fewyears, I will continue to enjoy her posts…

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