Thursday doors, Pombal, Portugal, 25/5/17…

Whilst I was on my travels in Europe in April, I also headed off to Portugal to connect with some dear friends from the Middle East who have chosen to settle in Central Portugal. (Cue to use a poppy photo from Central Portugal as my featured image, trying to sneak them in!)

I am totally ignorant of this area so it was very exciting to visit, reconnect with my friends and to understand why they chose this fairly remote area to move to. Their love of horses play a major part of their lives and Central Portugal is reasonable enough in land and house costs to be able to sustain a life that includes their love of all things equestrian. It is also incredibly beautiful….

There is more to come from this area, the towns and villages are still so very traditional and photo-opportunities (doors, windows, architecture, nature) abounded. I do confess to returning with half an ammonite I dug out of a Jurassic chalk cliff, but I’d rather go fossicking than shopping!

I used the train from Lisbon to get close to their home, it’s a 2-hour drive. I was happy to use the excellent Portuguese train network to save them the drive.

Whilst I was in Pombal, the station where we met, I had a little walk around and in the town square, there was an exhibition based on doors.

Well, of course, you know me by now, out came the camera, but very sadly there was no-one to ask what it was all about (English is not widely spoken in Portugal) so I can’t explain any of this, but it just had to be a Thursday doors post. Even though we may never know what it was all about it was lovely to come across…




24 comments on “Thursday doors, Pombal, Portugal, 25/5/17…

  1. Word must have got out about your visit …”Whilst I was in Pombal, the station where we met, I had a little walk around and in the town square, there was an exhibition based on doors.” Lovely post :)!

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    • Well, you know, Rainee, I’d so like to think that I was getting a door exhibition arranged on my behalf. but realistically it was coincidence, but, as you can imagine, it was a definite ” Ohhh, this is a Thursday doors post !!

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  2. I thought same as above. They must have set them all out for you! Lovely collection, whatever the reason. Gorgeous building. Very fond of those rounded wooden doors at the end as well.

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    • The Portuguese doors I found were just divine, there are many more to come but I’m glad you enjoyed my poppy moment, there also more to come…thanks for taking the time to comment, appreciated!


  3. Wonderful post! I agree, those elaborate curved doors win any door contest you’d care to set. Your photo of the museum is stellar, too. I was trying to guess a connecting theme between the doors in the exhibit, but the closest I could come was Home. A fun find, at any rate!


    • Thanks, Marian. I would have loved to have known more about the exhibit, but no-one could tell me, but it is now recorded forever, whatever it means


  4. What a great group of whimsical doors! And so thoughtful of them to have the doors on display for you. I guess the fame of TD has spread! 🙂 My favorite is the one with the flowers and birds and curtained window and I also like that last, traditional set.



  5. Lovely sights in Lisbon. That first building – since it has a cross on top -maybe a religious building! Love the colorful freestanding signs:) But the door in the pink building -stunning! Thanks for showing us Lisbon:)


    • The town is slightly north of Lisbon, Jesh. I do have some superb Lisbon doors to come in future posts, but all of the parts of Portugal I visited are just beautiful…


    • Well, it was just so nice to fall into it, Joanne. I left clueless as to why there were these fab decorated doors, but it made a mark on me for our Thursday doors posts. On your comment about Portugal, Yes, I was very impressed, future posts to come of the most beautiful cities and architecture.. ..I left Portugal loving it ( with a lot of cheese, the cheese is divine and I over-indulged in buying, but cheese-in-the-freezer is actually just fine, next wheel out tomorrow)… thanks for your lovely comment…

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  6. Putting out a door exhibit just in time for your arrival; they must have known you were coming 😉
    I’d love to wander the streets of Lisbon one day. All of the shots I’ve seen of the place include so much wonderful architecture.


    • Ho-ho, I haven’t really started on Portugal. This was a little taste and such a cute exhibition of doors, it had to be the first post…. I have a LOT of Portugal doors and then I went to Lisbon, well, it was equal to Amsterdam, if not, just a teeny bit better 🙂 Thanks Manja, enjoy your week….

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    • I wish I was multilingual!I was hoping some fluent Portuguese speaker may just enlighten us all, but sadly, not yet!However, it was lovely to stumble across and being a door freak, it was a perfect end to my week in Central Portugal. Thanks, Kathyrn, always lovely to know you are out there 🙂

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