Monday Window: Amsterdam windows (2), 29/5/17

Well now, there are so many windows in Amsterdam worthy of posting it was hard to know which to choose.

So I decided to start at the beginning instead of randomly choosing.

The first day I took a canal trip to relax, get my bearings and enjoy puttering around the central canals, building and people watching. Come and join me to crane upwards to admire the architecture and of course, the windows…

For more posts on Amsterdam, head to windows and doors  which also contain some Amsterdam history…


7 comments on “Monday Window: Amsterdam windows (2), 29/5/17

    • Thanks, Anjana, Amsterdam has so many photo opportunities, it’s a beautiful city with so much going on. I suspect there will plenty more over the next months from my memory card….

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  1. Oh, what wonderful windows! Oo! Oo! That first picture, with the round tower with the pointy hat! And the bright yellow building, and the bay windows with a guy in one reading! Thanks, as always, for the visual feast. “Shame about the crane.” lol!


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