Thursday Doors, 1/6/17, door paintings…

At the moment, I’m back in Cyprus, with the intention of clearing “stuff” from my house.

You know, that stuff that accumulates through your life, sentimental, inherited, from hobbies and just, well, stuff.

I decided to tackle my art folder. Art has followed me around all my life. Somewhere in Uk, there is even my Art college work, but that’s in my sister’s loft, so can wait, it’s not in Cyprus, so it isn’t current stuff.

Whilst trawling through old art pads I came across these door paintings I did in 1997 and 1998, 3 doors from Malta and one from Nicosia. I’ll save the Cretan door poster I bought in 1982 ( honestly) for another week!

Even then, all those years ago I was a door girl 🙂 

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26 comments on “Thursday Doors, 1/6/17, door paintings…

    • Thank you, Jesh, having posted this work I did all those years ago, I am now toying with getting stuck into painting again. It’s been a long time since I put brush to paper, maybe it’s time to see if I can still do it…


      • Please, please, try:):) It you were that good years ago, it will come back after some months of practice I had a hiatus of 25 years, and it has all come back to me, and even went beyond, so, it’s really worth it! If I can help you in any way, just let me know!


    • Thanks, Norm and for your help too in posting. I was out of town, using my iPad to post, which failed me or maybe I failed the iPad/Wordpress test! Anyway, it was a little hark back to my past in door love. I’m thinking to head back to being creative outside of photography. I did have a little Eeew moment to share my fumblings, but I was somewhat unprepared this week for Doors and having found the old paintings, it was a kind of go for it moment, a fast and quick post! It’s been lovely to have so many likes and comments actually. It has made me think that maybe I should start to go back to spending some time painting, something I have always loved…

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    • Thank you, Denny, I really appreciate your comment. Painting a was a major part of my earlier life, it’s nice to have appreciation. After some lovely comments on this post, I’m thinking maybe I should head back to it, it’s so relaxing to create…

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    • Thanks, Jean. Doors, windows, architecture have always been in my eye. The Cretan door poster for a future post, is lying under my bed, creased and slightly torn, but it is something I have to fix up and post. My paintings, I now look so critically at, were ok-ish, I think maybe now I can do better…it’s just finding the time to be better 🙂

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