Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus…

I love photographing through the water. The refraction of the light combined with the movement of water gives an other-worldly feel and it’s even better when you find something special in the water.

Jellyfish, swimming through the water are not easy to catch in focus.

Neither are starfish under water.

And here’s the location, in focus. Beautiful Honda Bay, Palawan, The Philippines.



12 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus…

    • Thank you, appreciate your comment, underwater shots can allow you to be artistic. I think you will know what I mean, you seem to be exploring the photo versus art in your recent travels and I’m loving your posts and photo journey…

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    • Thank you, Rainee, it was truly a beautiful day out there on Snake Island in Honda Bay, we had a lucky chance to visit as it isn’t a tourist place and spoke to the right people, sorted it and I will never forget the solitude, the nature, and the utter beauty of the environment….

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    • Ah, thanks, Marian, they were a joy to see and find and interact with. I picked them up and they were suckering up and down my arms, just amazing… we really have so little concept of life under our oceans. Out of all my travels so far, that day was so very special…

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