Weekly Photo Challenge, Windows…

Your inspiration this week is windows…..or of a landscape or piece of art that’s like a window to another world for you.

Windows of Mirbat.

A town in Southern Oman that is slowly crumbling away.

Wandering around the streets, there is a shot at every step, but it’s the windows that my lens points towards.

These little wooden, arched and shuttered Omani windows; I wonder at the lives led behind them in the days when old Mirbat was thriving.

Windows on another world…



13 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge, Windows…

    • Thank you, Mick. Each time I visit Mirbat, I feel like I’m capturing its last days. I’ve been there about 5 times now over my years here, with an archive of shots to boot and I always take some time to revisit but sadly, the old town is crumbling away. But it’s the same for many of the remote places we pass through in Oman on our travels, I feel like I’m recording moments in time…

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    • Thank you, Marian, for your comment. Oman is just a wonderful place, I love the old towns, but they are fading and changing. Everyone wants to be more modern, the old heritage is disappearing, I have seen it over my trips in the last 5 years, at least I have a little record of it!

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