Thursday Doors, 2/11/17. Finding village doors, Akamas, Cyprus.

Last time I posted in Thursday Doors, I hadn’t found any worthy doors in the abandoned village of Theletra, so we carried on to search in more of the villages leading towards the Akamas peninsula, the promentory leading to the northwest cape of Cyprus. There are no paved roads to the cape due to the mountainous nature of the terrain, but some dirt tracks are accesible if you enjoy some offroad adventure and some fabulous views.

This time, with sunset on it’s way, was not the day for being adventurous, so we headed to the end of the paved road via a few of the little villages that dot the landscape and I found a few, traditional doors, worthy of inclusion for this week’s post.

Not quite a village door, but not to be missed…

Post office boxes have doors too..(Pano Akourdaleia)

There is always a church in the village, this time with some unusual doors…(Pano Akourdaleia)


Old and very typical doors into a house yard…(Kritou Tera)

I love the handles of this one…(Kritou Tera)

Bright blue on the corner…(Kritou Tera)

And blue on the roadside…(Kato Arodes)

With brown character…(Kato Arodes)

Time for a coffee in a village square( Ineia), the priest, pithary ( traditional pots) and threshing board…

One last wrought iron door in the sunlight…(Ineia)

And a glorious sunset to finish the day…


Linking with Thursday Doors, hosted by Norm Frampton.Pop on over, click the blue frog link and check out some more doors this Thursday…

26 comments on “Thursday Doors, 2/11/17. Finding village doors, Akamas, Cyprus.

  1. I’ve been very bad at checking out everyone else’s doors, but I’m glad I found yours today! A very long time ago, I used to live in Cyprus as my father was in the RAF. I remember that once we went camping on the Akamas peninsula, or ‘pan handle’ as it was called locally. I thought it was the back of beyond and the hottest place on Earth, I remember the contents of my make-up bag melted, a major catastrophe when you are 16!

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    • Thank you Georgie, I expect camping here, when you were 16, was not a glamorous affair. It must have been quite a rural island with few mod cons, although probably very beautiful and unspoilt but at 16 make-up melting probably ruined the camping trip for you 🙂 !

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    • Thank you, Norm, doing doors for your Thursday challenge just makes an outing more pleasurable and you become more aware of your surroundings looking for them and notice any quirks in the vicinity. Glad you enjoyed the post…

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