Thursday Doors, 8/11/17, Small town Oman, doors and herons…

I think that most of you who read my blog, probably know now that I travel a lot in Oman and I also love what I find there. It’s a vast country and on every trip, although, often travelling over previous ground, I find something new.

We cover unthinkable distances on the round trip from Dubai to Salalah to Dubai. If you return up the coast road, a round journey of around 3,000 kms, you don’t get much time to spend poking around as there is always a ticking clock to get back to Dubai for commitments.

But, on occasions, I put my brakes on and insist on time out. Otherwise, we are just burning the same tarmac every time and not seeing “IT” …”IT” being life in the places we flash through. Seeing life, you also see doors!

In October 2017, we had a little overnight break at Al Saqla resort ( this time I’ve inserted a map so you know where I am on this post, blue line A to B, the post features that route)

We were heading to Muscat from Shannah port (A), a 6 hour trip along the coast, which is only serviced by one road through the coastal Ash Sharqiyah governorate. Heading north from Point A ( Shannah), the impenetrable dunes of the Al Wahiba sands are on the left, the Indian ocean to the right, it’s a 4 hour trip to Sur up the coast road, where the motorway to Muscat starts and the driving is easier.

The coast road takes you through towns that are far removed from the larger cities of Oman because of the vast distances. Agricultural ( basic) and fishing life ( main economy) are the lifeblood in this region. It’s run down, poor and traditional, but the life you flash past on the road through is totally fascinating to my eye.

This time I wanted to re-visit some very old doors on the coast road. I took a lovely door shot last year, so we tried to find the doors again. They are gone now, razed to the ground, but back-tracking through the town streets trying to place them, I came across a plethora of Omani doors.

I hope you enjoy my discoveries as much as I did.

The sunset from Al Saqla…

No connection with doors, but the camel upholstery on the room sofa is too interesting to leave out…

The morning view….Yeah, a good day ahead…

Heading into town it was obvious we were in the uptown area for small-town Oman…

But then we found the Gold one, possibly the Arab equivalent of the Jones’s…

Winding through the small streets of town trying to find my old doors, this is what I found, car shots of doors, narrow streets, just all fascinating to my eye…

This one is my favourite…

Heading out of town via the harbour, herons, a couple of feet away from my window, not bothered by my presence, dhows in the harbour, locals taking time out and of course, the mosque…

Time to move on, out of town, heading up the coast again, past the house surrounded by it’s own little forest, you can’t see any doors here!


Linking with Thursday Doors, a weekly event hosted by Norm Frampton. Pop on over, click the blue frog link and check out some world-wide doors this week…

19 comments on “Thursday Doors, 8/11/17, Small town Oman, doors and herons…

    • Thank you, Marian, I can’t resist poking around the small towns in Oman, they always turn up something special! The oasis house I have watched over the last 5 years, the growth has been amazing but I suspect a few creepy crawlies amidst that vegetation 🙂

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  1. Thank you SO much for stopping not only to see, but to share, IT!! I greatly enjoyed the trip and all the doors. That last house looks as if it might be a beauty and they know how to keep (relatively) cool with all the shade, I guess. Just wonderful as is that last set of doors you shared.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Janet. It’s really been so much fun to explore Oman and I so enjoy posting my finds, doors and travels… Not many foreigners go to these remote parts, so I’m lucky to have had the chance and I appreciate your comment and enjoyment…makes it worthwhile to have such enthusiastic feedback, I just need to buckle down on WordPress and write the rest of it!

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  2. Wow what a collection. So many gorgeous doors in one post – it’s a good thing I’m already sitting down 😀
    You could have easily split this into two posts but I’m glad I got to see them all today. Your favourite is my favourite too.
    Terrific post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Norm. Yes, I considered a split, but the thing is, the next town up the lonely road had even more doors, plus I managed to get a load of bedouin women shots in front of the doors, however, posting shots of people on social media in the Middle East can lead to a whole load of problems.. .a future, rainy day post when I’m not going back and I’m devoid of doors on a Thursday 🙂 Hence me being terribly careful about adding shots of people in my posts. I have no wish to offend…

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