Thursday doors, 23/11/17. Al Lou’aluo’ayyah…

Al Lou’aluo’ayyah is a small town and beach on the East coast of the UAE. It’s on our stop-off list on an East coast day out, as the tidal zone on the beach frequently throws up interesting and unusual shells.

The beach is long and rather beautiful…

Jelly-fish, my first Mitra mitra shell ( I was so pleased) and brittle starfish…

In the small streets behind the beach we had a little poke around and I discovered a whole load of new and slightly different doors. All from older built properties, I hesitiate to guess the era, my gut feel is early 90’s. Metal-work with embellishment, all in need of a good maintenance work-over, but I really like them. Especially the falcon designs, one of the six national symbols of the UAE.

This one is my favorite…

Linking with Thursday Doors, hosted by Norm Frampton. Pop on over, hit the blue frog link and check out some more doors today…

11 comments on “Thursday doors, 23/11/17. Al Lou’aluo’ayyah…

    • Thanks, Norm, it’s what your challenge is about, sharing from other places and, whilst I sometimes think about mine, Oh, hmm, just another Arab wood/metal door, I look at everyone else’s posts and think, well actually, it’s just normal to me but not to others, when I see so many different and beautiful doors, I’m inspired to share what is part of my life and experiences.
      I, as others,who join in your challenge, have a unique chance to enjoy, photograph and share… If we didnt have Thursday doors Norm, our shots would just be archived and moulder away!
      Your challenge gives us the chance to share and enjoy other door experiences… Thank you for your hosting of this challenge. Thursday doors is my one challenge I try to join into, sometimes I’m travelling and can’t, but it’s the one reminder on my calender that pings up each week!

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    • Thank you Joanne, appreciate your comment. Yes, what I find, is I suppose, unique, once I set myself back from what I’m finding and mix it in with other travels, so it doesn’t become too boring, same-old , etc, I’m glad you enjoy them! I love exploring and finding…

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