Thursday Doors, 22/2/18, back to Stonetown, Zanzibar…

June, 2017, Tanzania.

I was lucky to spend 24 hours in Stonetown, Zanzibar, a place with a huge history of doors and for a door lover, a place that surpassed all my expectations. I regret my stay was so short, I would love to return. We only covered part of the town and there are many more doors that evaded me.

I’m only now editing the shots and the results are worthy of a second door post from this historic city, probably a third too.

The streets are small and narrow, with towering buildings, many in a state of disrepair. The buildings shade the rays of the sun and there is relief from the heat at ground level, but it’s humid and enclosed and very easy to get lost as you twist around the town losing your sense of direction, but so fascinating…

I normally use a DSLR camera, but in Stonetown I used my iPhone6 camera as it was the only way to catch the scenes in these narrow spaces.

For the history of Stonetown, the spice and slave trading, the door culture and shots of previous doors posted, please visit my previous post.

Please enjoy Stonetown as much as I did…


Thank you for visiting Stonetown with me…

Linking with Thursday Doors, hosted by Norm Frampton. Hit the blue frog link at the bottom of his post and visit some more doors today…

36 comments on “Thursday Doors, 22/2/18, back to Stonetown, Zanzibar…

    • Thank you, Arv. For me, Stonetown was a step into another world and the doors were just unbelievable. At every step, there was another one, too good to miss…. Another post due!


    • Thank you, Ian. A wonderful place to visit, I could go back there tomorrow, inshallah… However, Delhi looked like a place that would draw me in, from your wonderful shots…


    • Thank you, Luccia. Yes, the carved squares door was pretty stunning. did you notice all the locks on it too?I felt it was overkill given the solidity of the doors…


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