Thursday Doors, 8/3/18. Doors of the Mizingani…

Stonetown, Zanzibar June 2017.

After deciding to move to Stonetown for our last night on the island, I quickly found a hotel online that looked as if it had an ideal position, had vacancies and wasn’t a ridiculous price.

We chose the Mizingani Seafront Hotel. When we arrived, the seafront was hidden behind large hoardings as there was some sort of construction /renovation going on along the beach wall. A small, stompy moment on arrival, not really seafront when you can’t see it, hey-ho…

No matter, we were going to be walking most of the time and it was only for one night. The hotel is located next to the ferry port and it is ideally situated for those who want to explore the town.

The hotel is a unique historical building converted from a former Palace constructed in 1865 for newly married Royal couples for their honeymoon.

It was a really good choice and the atmosphere within put you in the right mood for exploring Stonetown.

Full of creaky staircases, interesting antiques, staff who glided in and out of the shadows, named suites after Tippu Tip and Vasco de Gama, fourposter beds, colored inset glass windows, views over the crumbling old town, it was a perfect place to spend the night and had exactly the atmosphere I had imagined for this unique town.

Oh, and it also had some wonderful doors too. I was perfectly happy!

Photos were taken using iPhone6.

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4 comments on “Thursday Doors, 8/3/18. Doors of the Mizingani…

  1. In spite of the restricted view, this hotel was an amazing find! It looks like you had visual treats at every turn. That last door is particularly striking!! I’m glad those spikes are a bit rounded. They look like they could be lethal 🙂

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