Skywatch Friday, 9/3/18…

Is the end nigh? The sky seemed to be from another world…

Shot on iPhone7 using a Moment wide lens with a little drama help from Snapseed.

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18 comments on “Skywatch Friday, 9/3/18…

    • Thanks, Arv. Actually, I only used the drama function in Snapseed. I have the old program on my Mac and there is no HDR. I have the up to date version on my phone but forgot to use it and then it was too late. I deleted the photo off the phone :)! I like Snapseed a lot. Just a tiny tweak can lift a shot into another place. The Moment lens is quite awesome too.


      • With HDR you can achieve similar results. Personally, I don’t use drama because I’m not used to such shots. I prefer the ones which are closer to what eyes capture. It’s my personal preference. I like the one you clicked because it’s dramatic. 😃


    • Thank you, Joyful. glad you enjoyed the shot. I am no longer working so I’m dividing my time between my home in Cyprus and Dubai. I’m enjoying life very much, I’m getting the best of both worlds!


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