Al Qudra Lakes, Dubai…

In Dubai there now seems to be a huge awareness for ecological protection which is very positive, given the fact that the city is ever-growing.

Maintaining the natural wetland environments and creating new ones seem to be part of the city plan.

Al Qudra lakes are around 30 km into the desert from my flat. It’s now a popular place for city dwellers to drive out to in the cooler evenings, take the family for a walk, observe the birds, meet up with friends and eat al fresco. It’s beautifully maintained and there are cycle tracks all around the drive down area.

I took a trip out tonight, maybe a mistake on a Bank holiday weekend as it was extremely busy, and as I drove up I did wonder if my desire to photograph the wetland birds would be thwarted by the number of cars and people around.

But, not so, I think the birds must be used to being on show…

Some shots from the wetland…


6 comments on “Al Qudra Lakes, Dubai…

  1. How beautiful! I’ve seen pictures of black swans before, but I’ve never seen flamingos like that. Very striking! Do you know what that structure is that looks like a fort full of holes?


  2. Oooo your flamingos are much more diverse in colour than ours. I know, it’s to do with their diet. And they are so close to the shore! Ours keep in the middle of the lagoon, just out of reach of my zoom. I think most are gone by now, they choose our parts to spend the winter. Beautiful photos and a great day, I’m sure!


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