The hills are alive…

In Cyprus, during mid-Februry, for around two weeks, the hills are alive with Almond blossom.

It was fairly wet and windy at that time, so I took the opportunity to head up the road to a local village, Episkopi, where the hills surrounding the village and river valley take on an ethereal beauty.

Swathes of Almond blossom cover the hillsides. It is a glorious time to walk amongst the groves, small spring flowers popping through the undergrowth. 

As we are now under curfew on our small island, like many all over the world, it’s time to review my walks.

I hope you enjoy my Almond blossom photographs… stay safe, my friends… 

21 comments on “The hills are alive…

    • Hello Arv, Thank you. Yes, I am in Cyprus since early February. We are under curfew since 2 days ago, but I have been avoiding socializing since my return as I was watching it all in China with dread when I was in the Middle East . Cyprus is a small island , with good hospital care but the spread is overwhelming …. I hope you are staying safe in Jaipur…


      • You are in a beautiful country. We have a couple of cases here in the city. I’m completely home bound for almost a week. Thanks for the care, Vicky.


      • I see India is now in lockdown, staying at home is the right thing to do, not easy but it’s the way to stay safe… take care, Jaipur, Jodphur and other exciting places in Rajasthan were next on my travel list, I have utterly loved my India visits and your region was my next desire and I was going to get in touch with you about meeting up in your home town to see if you would consider hosting me for a local walk around … let’s hope we can still do that in the future, Arv, stay safe…

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      • I know things are not as usual but I’m happy to accept your offer, Vicky. Whenever you are in this part of the world, I’ll help you in every way I can. I’ll be happy to show you around. Please stay safe in the comfort of your home. Take care.

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    • Thank you , Suzanne. I’m glad you and enjoyed the photos and also your trip to Cyprus. Sadly missing my little exploring excursions at present but it’s time to stay at home… stay safe too…


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