Orchids in Thailand…

Whilst I’m in our world’s lockdown, I’m using the time to look at all my photo data. There is rather a lot and it’s opened up some forgotten memories too…

My Thailand travels were before I realized I enjoyed photography and made it a feature in my travels. I was using a fairly basic camera at that stage and I think I didn’t even look to consider adding the travels into the blog,  but, actually, as I review the photos, some are worthy of inclusion.

I loved to see the orchids in Thailand, cultivated or wild… some of these are from a Chang Mai Orchid farm and others from a stop off on a canal tour around Bangkok…


5 comments on “Orchids in Thailand…

  1. Thank you, I really enjoyed finding these photos and editing them… the trip was in my mind somewhere, but to see them again brought back memories of a lovely Thailand time!


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