To my absent friend…

Two weeks ago, my best friend and I, after an evening of chat, a bit of gossip, a lot of laughs and few moans, had put our world’s to right for the evening.

Hugging our goodbyes on the doorstep, a date to repeat the same a month ahead, once I returned from my latest travels, we parted

Now we have parted forever. Continue reading

I’m so not political, but I do love feisty input into the upside down mix of the world today….

Last year I decided to follow a very angsty, amusing and opinionated lady from the USA, latching on to her blog via the WordPress reader and ended up being highly amused by her life and wit, I followed Lydia’s life on my WordPress journey.

And I enjoyed every post I came across. Continue reading

When you wake up to a fried computer….

This little aside is to apologise for those who have liked and commented on my recent posts and are possibly now thinking, well, hmm, why there has been no response when I took the time to make a nice comment….

I do try to interact with people who have been kind enough to comment, but sadly, one morning this week, my left (hand) Macbook Air fried and died. Continue reading

Is this root really working for me…Turmeric.

I’m sure, if you have Facebook, you are subjected to all sorts of links that Facebook algorithms insert into your feed. I just whizz past all the wrinkle resolvers ( too late I think), most of the Foodie porn things ( I really can’t afford weight wise to drizzle chocolate, cheese and fat, I’m trying to lose that fat).

Anything related to work is wasted on me as I’m not working now. Gadgets just wash over my head, but just on occasions, I do read the health sites.

I started to see multiple posts about turmeric and inflammation. Continue reading

Blog organisation,tidying up, re-structuring, getting neater. Good intentions…

Last week I had a lovely comment on my blog on a very old post that took me about 10 minutes to find to reply to. ( I read the comment on my mobile WordPress app first, then had to try to remember where it was, forgetting I could just look at comments)

That was the moment I realized I had, a year down the line, let the structure become a bit of a mess.

It was a good post but had sunk to the bottom of the heap.  Continue reading

Life in the Big City in the Sand….

Well, it’s all very different.

Before Dubai, my life was in lived in a small village outside Paphos, Cyprus. Two children, a quirky renovated village house, a full-time job, but it all changed quite quickly when my company was bought out and I was offered relocation in 2012.  Continue reading