Monday Window: View from a Dubai window 27/2/17…

I have been lucky to have had a window with spectacular views whilst in Dubai. Sadly it isn’t often pristine and there’s not much I can do about that being very high up in the sky. Few shots are taken directly outwards, reflection and sand streaks stop you getting a good photo.

So I often take photos through the little gap to the left and the right. The window opens outwards at an angle for 8 inches. That’s enough to get my lens through to get shots of whatever may be interesting. I will say I do have the camera strap securely around my neck whilst leaning out, I would not want to have any dropping accidents from this height!

Some window shots over the last year… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

Modern and old architecture in Dubai features curves. The mosques always have curves in their domed roofs, the contrast of the angular lines of the minarets with the elegant curve of the roof and windows is very pleasing to my eye. The most well known curved buildings are the Burj Al Arab hotel and the Jumeirah Beach hotel, featured below.The header shot is of the Atlantis hotel on the Palm Jumeirah islands, the curved opening in the design makes an iconic feature…. Continue reading

Monday Windows: All gold in this window….

Traditional 22carat gold jewellery in the Gold souk, Dubai. Bedazzling!



Participating in Ludwig’s Monday Windows challenge… come and join in the fun, find a new window each’s certainly a challenge!

Photo 101, Weekend three: Camel racing….

Choosing this option for weekend shots, fitting in perfectly with my weekend jaunt to the camel races!

  • Observe and capture an entire scene, but also, zoom in on it. Stick to architecture if you’d like: capture the size of a building, but get close to record its details. Or, choose something different — a farmer’s market, a festival — and take establishing shots as well as smaller moments within the scene.

Camel racing is a traditional sport in the Middle East. This weekend I had the chance to soak up the atmosphere and excitement myself. The event was held at the Al Marmoom camel track on the outskirts of Dubai, races started at 2pm. I arrived  just in time to see the build up, crowds and action.  Continue reading

Monday Window:#5 Dubai high rise windows

Dubai’s new centres are the high-rise city. Home life and office working hours are invariably carried out many floors up. Windows are important in this aerial city, the only link between you and the outside world. Modern buildings here, windows form an important part of the building design. Not so many traditional windows in this city, mostly bland and featureless but somehow complementing the modern architecture. I often photograph the buildings marvelling at the construction and extravagance…



Thursday Doors: Fishing port, Dubai.

When I spotted this corridor of doors and not having seen any of the “No photography” signs, I spent some time snapping, then, on turning around, a security guard is standing right behind me …politely, “Ma’am, no photos please here”… Oops, profuse apologies, but I wasn’t snapping the super yachts moored behind me, just this lovely view down a corridor of doors ….

Pacing the Palm Jumeirah….

Weekends in Dubai are my time to explore the city. Even though views from my flat are of the Palm Jumeirah (just) and it seems a stone’s through away, getting there is another matter. You really have to plan your journey in this city, no random heading off in “that” direction, the road network is superb, but requires advance planning otherwise you can be many miles from your chosen destination, spoken from experience!  Continue reading