Monthly Memories : January 2016

January always brings a sense of a new start. After the end of the year, it feels as if a cold shock is required to kickstart the new year. In northern climes, the cold shock is inevitable, in middle climes, it’s a beautiful time of year. Intense, exhausting summer heat several months ahead, but the temperate weather over the winter brings, for me, the advent of weekends travelling and exploring this beautiful region.

 Christmas family celebration time fell during New Years week for me, work commitments required me to remain in Dubai, where this time of year isn’t flush with Bank holidays and mince pies. A 5 am New Years day start for the airport, through the city which never sleeps, the new year had commenced. My joy to go home. Cyprus, chilly nights, beautiful blue sky days, precious family time with the children. Perfect winter weather, central heating and thick boots, this was my coldish start to 2016.

Back in the sand,  the annual Gulf News fun drive, a weekend of dune bashing with 1000 others out in the Western Region, then a trip over to the Oman coast, walking along empty beaches, not many souls in sight, with only flocks of flamingos and herons for my company.

Last weekend was a Dubai weekend, time to tidy up but do some in-town exploring but this past weekend was our cold shock. Weather warnings filled the papers, rough seas, rain and the temperatures forecast to descend below 20 degrees.

Clouds were in our normally sand filled blue skies, black over the desert threatening rain. In a country where rain is an infrequent pleasure, it was time to dig out something warm and head outside from the 35th floor flat and breathe in some fresh air.

Oh, yes and I started the diet this month too. 2016 is the fat-busting year.

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