Thursday Doors, Qurun, Oman, 9/3/17…

The small village of Qurun on Oman’s east coast, lies just below Al Ashkharah, which is a town in the Ash Sharqiyah region.

Qurun is a sleepy little settlement on the edge of a salt flat area, and the bay beyond is where the local fishermen bring in their catch. If we head up this coastal road on visits to Oman, we always have a quick stop at Qurun. The beach often turns up some shell surprises and it’s a lovely place to take a break and stretch your legs walking down its long shoreline.  Continue reading

Monday Window: On a beach in Oman, 6/3/17…

You don’t expect to find a window on a lonely beach, but in Oman, there is always the unexpected sight.

A derelict mosque sits on a sand dune above the beach, the elements are sweeping it away, storm by storm.

Taken on the long beach north of Al Ashkharah, Google maps GPS 21.941609, 59.648001.

Al Ashkharah (Arabic: الأشخرة‎‎) (named after a poisonous desert plant) is a town in the Ash Sharqiyah Region of Oman.

Thursday Doors:12/1/17

Oman stories…

Bahla, (Arabic: بهلا‎‎), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site town, located 40 km away from Nizwa, and about 200 km from Oman’s capital Muscat which lies in the Ad Dakhiliyah region of Oman. It is notable as the home of one of the oldest fortress in the country, the 13th century Bahla Fort and for the town’s pottery.

On our November/ December trip to Oman, during the long 10 journey from Duqm to Dubai, I marked Bahla as a stopping point for a break from the endless roads. Continue reading

Thursday Doors: 22/12/16

Travelling in Oman in September this year, on the road from Mahout to Sur, you pass along a sleepy coastline.

Fishing and camel and goat farms seem to be the livelihood in this region. Hemmed in by the vast Wahiba sands to the West and the Indian Ocean to the East, travels along this coastal road are rather like being in the land time nearly forgot.  Continue reading

Oman road trip: The Dhofar coastline and a midnight visitor…

Leaving the comfort of the Salalah Marriot, we headed up the coast. Oman is doing some major road expansion and the road from Mirbat to Hasik, which winds through crinkly foothills, is being straightened and expanded to meet up with the incredible road constructed from Hasik to Ash Shuwaymiyah, linking these two towns through a mountainous range.  Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O, butting in for a second round…


Well, I didn’t dare title this H2O2……altogether a different subject!

H2O, refracted.

When light travels from air into water, it slows down, causing it to change direction slightly. This change of direction is called refraction.

 It made the blue crab into an abstract crab…


Thursday Doors: 28/9/16


Back in Oman, heading down through the vast and empty wastes of the centre towards Ras Madrakah, where the Gulf of Oman turns into the Southern Oman coastline, occasionally you come across a place that makes you wonder why it exists? What made it be given a name? Why is it there?  Continue reading

Thursday Doors: 25/8/16

Come and walk with me around Mirbat, a fishing town on the South Oman, around 70km from Salalah . Last week we entered the old town, this week join me as we head on around the corner.

There are many old towns in Oman but in this one, I felt I was recording for posterity. Towns are abandoned and slowly fall to the ground, the history is gone.  Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare #2

A white carpet anemone (Stichodactyla sp.), a rare find in the inter-tidal zone at an extremely low tide on a lonely beach   near Shannah, Oman. An Indo-Pacific occupant, living on reefs or on the sandy bottom, these anemones can attain a size of two and a half feet in diameter. Potentially harmful to humans ( a potent sting) they act as a host for many types of clownfish.


Thursday Doors: 18/8/16

It’s Thursday again..where did the week go? The” full of good intention” head plan for this week’s doors post ran out of time.

So here’s a little taster and next week I’ll take you around an eclectic collection of Arabian doors and windows from this old city.  Continue reading

Thursday Doors: 11/8/16

The ancient settlement of Khor Rori in the Dhofar region of Southern Oman stands above a natural harbour on this wild and dangerous coast. The town in the settlement is known as Sumhuram. This small town was founded as an outpost for the kingdom of Hadramawt around the first century CE. The Dhofar region was the main exporter of Frankincense in ancient times and maritime contacts were discovered during the excavations in the 1900’s to both India and the Mediterranean.  Continue reading

Monday Window: 1/8/16

From the city of Salalah in Southern Oman to the Yemen border, the road twists and turns through a series of hairpin bends, eventually climbing to the top of the escarpment, with towering cliffs plummeting down to the Indian ocean.

During monsoon a pervading mist hangs over the escarpment but every so often, when the road gets to about 1000 metres high, you pop out of the mist into bright, brilliant sunshine with incredible views and on this particular release into sunlight, even a small pink shelter perched on top of the mountain, with rather striking brickwork for the windows.

Such buildings and design are typical in Oman, used as shelters from the sun (sometimes rain, as this area receives a fair amount)  with the air bricks allowing for cool air in the heat of the day, although it’s the first pink one I’ve ever seen….

Taking part in Monday Window, a weekly event, pop over and join in the challenge….

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