Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner…

On our road travels, I take a lot of photos from the car, sometimes they work, but many times they fail, blur, motion, an unexpected head intruding into the shot and so on… but, on occasions, there are some I keep, just because I like the effect and maybe I can work on it in the future.

This was one I kept.

Racing through Al Ain, in the UAE, trying to get to the border on a Thursday night to beat the weekend visa queue on the Oman border, I snapped out of the car window as we hurtled into the city.

I think it’s a stadium and now I can use this shot for this challenge, we were cornering at high speed!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless (Parachute)



Caught over Dubai Marina, a 2 man parachute dropping in to the Marina airport. I imagine the feeling of thrill and terror when drifting down, seemingly weightless above all those towering buildings…. floating for a brief time above all the city action…. Not brave enough to do it myself !