Weekly Photo Challenge, Growth…

This week we are asked to portray “Growth”. Hard in nature, clever time-lapse shots would be perfect for portrayal, but I don’t have any! So I had to think practically, what had I seen during 2017 that showed growth….

Well, Dubai is a prime example. It’s growing daily, but I really don’t think WordPress readers want to see the developments of motorways, roundabouts or building sites.

However the view from my little window in Dubai, to the left, through the small gap is quite impressive ( 35 floors up, this is not a window that allows you to even consider wriggling out much and who would want to at that height…not me! )

But it’s enough to poke a zoom lens through and my view to the left is of Dubai Marina, where the Al Ain Wheel is under construction, forecast to be the World’s biggest wheel ( of course, this is Dubai) and I have had an excellent opportunity for an eye on it’s development during 2017.

This is my take on growth…

December 2016, the base in situ…

December 2017, the wheel minus one section, plus a whole load of development behind…

It’s running a little overdue, but hopefully on my return late January I will see the completed version. Watch this space…




Weekly Photo challenge : Evanescent…

This week, WordPress weekly photo challenge asks us to show us a moment in time that holds meaning for you.

My photo was taken under the bridge that connects the mainland of Oman to Shannah port for the ferry to the island of Masirah.

I was using my new camera, a Fujifilm X-T20 and I had little idea of the settings when I took this, having been taught manual photography in the Nikon world. Each time you move, you have to understand the product-speak to relate to what you know..

( I am impatient, black mark) but a lesson to self, this is a camera that needs to be loved and cared for, the results are incredible

My past is in art and I see this shot in this way, even though the exposure is all wrong, the colours are intensified, it just gives a clue to what you can do to play with a picture…This shot is my played out and edited result…




Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 16 – Behind


This is one of my favourite pictures from a visit to Phu Quoc, Vietnam in 2015.

Sadly I lost the original in an Apple storage incident and this copy is all I have left now. It was shot quickly on iPhone 6, it’s not a great photo, but I just loved the beautiful, smiling girl behind the tank of seahorses.The scene is not one you come across often and there is a white seahorse in there too, too good to miss.

Seahorses are sold for snacks in areas of Vietnam. The street was full of shops selling dried fish, fungi and unknown wonders and all of them had a small tank of seahorses outside.

I finally found an English speaker who told me why they were there…. I wish I hadn’t asked!

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